Welcome to Survey Engineering Co. (Pvt) Ltd.

Proud to be the oldest Sri Lankan Surveying Company

We, the Survey Engineering Company Limited, founded in 1980, is the first incorporated surveying company in Sri Lanka

Stock Pile Verification Surveys

Surveys will be done to determine volumes of large stocks of sand, metal, coal, and other material of similar type. Certificate and plan will be provided.

Supplying Satellite Images

We are able to supply any type of satellite image to your project

Quarry Surveying

Quarry site in Sri Lanka, handled by us.

GPS Surveying

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is just another surveying tool where surveyors can go above surveyors limitations.

Topographic Surveying

Survey and preparation of Plans for large areas of land to depict all existing features on ground such as large trees, tree canopies, etc..


Digital Elevation Model

We are able to supply Digital Elevation Models to our clients as and when the want.


Condominium Surveys

Surveys for condominium properties of small and large projects which have been completed.

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