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We, the Survey Engineering Company Limited, founded in 1980, is the first incorporated surveying company in Sri Lanka, who can claim 30 years of professional experience. It is one of the premier institutions help fill a gap that existed after the liberalization of the economy in the seventies. The Company was organized with a view to satisfy the sophisticated demands called for by the rapid development programme of the Government. Our staff consists of qualified and experienced Surveyors, Cad Draughtsmen, Valuers, Architects, Engineers, Town Planners, Economists and IT personnel.

The qualifications and experience of our staff are matched with the latest state-of-the-art electronic instruments. We possess the most up-to-date software and instruments such as Wild Optical and Topcon, Trimble Total Stations, EPOCH GPS together with computerized plotting and drawing facilities to provide quality and accurate survey plans. Our company has the capability for preparing survey plans using AutoCAD, CIVILCAD and TRIM Map Software. We are also in a position to provide GPS/MSL Control when and where necessary. In addition to our electronic capabilities, we have facilities to provide digital survey data in an Interactive PDF format.

We have successfully carried out a considerable amount of Construction Surveys, Engineering Surveys, Land Surveys, Hydrographic Surveys, Road Surveys, Control Surveys, Level Control Surveys, Title Surveys, Valuations, Architectural Drawings and Stock Assessments etc. for foreign as well as Sri Lankan clients.

In addition, our survey teams are capable and are experienced in handling any kind of survey work and in all types of working environments.

As we are an incorporated Limited Liability Survey Company with a reputation for producing quality work, to meet client requirements, we are proud to offer our competent services to suit all your surveying needs.

A Complete and Dependable Survey Plan is the Base for the Developer/Architect/Engineer/Town Planner to go ahead in any Development Project and it is a must.

In everything we do, Survey Engineers are guided by one important principle: make the complex simple.

We assist our clients to navigate the development, infrastructure and construction process – providing timely straight forward and accurate detail survey plans; even when working guidelines are complex or technical, environment and weather conditions are challenging.

Our professional business philosophy is to keep developing Survey Engineers by

• achieving our growth and profitability targets but not at the expense of our social and environmental responsibilities;
• delivering innovative solutions to help clients;
• creating value for our client, staff and other stakeholders;
• adopting to changes in our business environment;
• being committed to continuous improvement; and maintaining a safe and secure working environment for our staff

We take the time to listen to our clients and understand their requirement and their goals. Based on our clients' feedback, we have refined our technical service, resources and customer service approach to deliver greater value through:

• holistic thinking to match the complexity of the work we do;
• consistent performance with proven reliability;
• optimum resource utilization to keep the costs down;
• sharing knowledge with our staff and clients;
• maintaining our human and technological resources; and
• professional company management to ensure success.
• creative, responsible and experienced project management
• availability and accessibility of documents with ease;

We believe that seven key strengths set SURVEY ENGINEERS apart from our competitors, and underpin our value to our clients:

1. Our capacity and availability We have the capacity to manage projects of any size or complexity. We can map vast areas of land or configure small lots. Our extensive, in-house resources enable us to get moving quickly and provide back-up assistance in case requirements change.

2. Our relationship-based approach We genuinely care about our clients, and want the best for them. We balance expert advice and services with thoughtful touches that make our clients' projects a little easier to manage, more efficient or more enjoyable.

3. Our flexibility and responsiveness We understand and accept that sometimes, plans can come unstuck at the last moment due to unexpected circumstances. We think on our feet, stay calm under pressure and adapt quickly to respond to unforeseen changes in client requirements. We do whatever is required to meet critical statutory deadlines.

4. Our understanding of clients' business We learn as much as we can about our clients' operations, their projects and industry trends that may affect them in the future. We believe that the more we know, the better we can help our clients to find solutions to navigate the development, infrastructure, construction and complex technical challengers freely.

5. Our focus on our core business We do what we're good at, offering services that make best use of our skills, experience and resources. We regularly review our work progresses and outputs to develop better ways of doing things and are keen to share our knowledge with staff and clients.

6. Our ' big picture' thinking We look at your project from all angles and come up with the necessary details providing timely, straight forward and accurate detail survey plans together with IT capabilities.

7. Our consistency and reliability We stick to our promises, and respect our project deadlines and budgets. We report on our progress against performance targets, and provide our clients with early advice on issues that may require extra attention or follow-up in the future.


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